Meet The Bohemian Peach Paulina Brand

Meet The Bohemian Peach Paulina Brand

Paulina Brand has lived all over the world. Born in the Czech Republic, she moved to the States over 20 years ago but has also lived in Austria, Brazil and Malaysia. From this variety of living experiences, Paulina has picked up many memories and friends, as well as recipes, along the way. But it is East Cobb that she considers home, having lived here for the past 16 years while raising her two boys. “I’m an East Cobbler!” she teases.

A makeup artist by trade, Paulina’s work dried up in March of last year when COVID-19 hit. “I had to do something for myself,” she says. “I also wanted to share a gift of inspiration and remind people how good it feels to share meals with loved ones, especially in times when we need human connection more than ever.” That gift became “The Bohemian Peach: A Taste of Home,” a collection of her recipes, stories, style tips and more.

Aside from the book’s drool-worthy photography, most of which Paulina took herself, the main inspiration behind “The Bohemian Peach” is to bring comfort and delicious food within arm’s reach. Paulina, who is a single mom of two boys, knows first-hand the struggle of balancing digital learning with working from home and months of cabin fever. “I’m not looking to make the best Southern food or the best anything; I’m just trying to do feel-good food,” she explains.

In total, there are 85 recipes in the book, many of them recognizable dishes of comfort food, but each one comes with Paulina’s little spin on it. “These traditional recipes are already delicious, and people know that. They just don’t make them that often. So, I really want to inspire people to make these dishes and with that little twist give them something unexpected.” But the book doesn’t stop with recipes. There are plenty of other surprises inside, such as a section on growing your own herb garden, making unique treats like elderflower
syrup, and even resourceful tips for styling events for friends and family.

When not cooking in her own home, Paulina enjoys neighborhood spots like Seed and Lemongrass. You can purchase her book on her website.


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