Jan Collins’ Love of the Arts

Dancing and music have been a passion for Jan Collins since the time she discovered she could stand up and tap to a tune. This high-energy dynamo explains how her mother instilled in her a love for performing. “I grew up surrounded by all the arts. My mother was the head of the English Department at Roosevelt High School […]

Smiling Bright

Growing up in Iran, Bahar Nia took a keen interest in her father’s dental practice, hovering around him, watching his skilled approach and hoping to follow in his footsteps. Once she turned 18, she and her family decided that she should continue her education in America. “For the schools here, and the opportunity,” Bahar explained, “it was best.” She had some relatives already […]

Five Buckhead Women to Celebrate

5 Buckhead Women

As we celebrate International Women’s day we want to shine a light on a few of the wonderful women that make up Alpharetta. Read on for their stories of ingenuity, strength, and compassion that continue to inspire us today. Umama Kibria Struggling with depression after college, Umama turned to fitness to find herself and learn […]

Cynthia Good, Founder of Little Pink Book

Imagine looking up from your laptop and seeing the bluest beaches Cabo San Lucas has to offer right outside your window. That’s the view Cynthia Good, founder and CEO of LittlePinkBook.com, has each day when she splits her time between Buckhead and her house in the ultraluxe area of Pedregal. “I go down there every couple of months and […]

Michelle Hodgson is Spreading BIG Love

A mother of five and former school teacher, Buckhead’s Michelle Hodgson has full hands and an even more full heart. In 2008, Michelle founded Children Helping Children (CHC), a nonprofit developed in honor of her infant son, Cole, who passed away the prior year. The mission of CHC is to encourage children to identify their unique, personal gifts and […]