Serving Up Appliances to Fit your Budget and Style

Serving Up Appliances to Fit your Budget and Style

(L to R): Hannes Coetzee, Allen Jones, Jeff Watson, Brian Dewitt

When opportunity knocks, you open the door. For Allen Jones, that was a refrigerator door. It’s been more than 20 years ago now, but the story begins with Allen shopping around for a scratch-and-dent fridge he could use to stock cold drinks for the employees at his landscaping company. He found such a great deal that it sparked a small business on the side, one he carried for almost a decade. Soaking up appliance knowledge and reigniting his passion for helping people, he decided to turn his warehouse and showroom into something more official and founded NorthPoint Appliance (NPA). Now, he’s Alpharetta’s premier dealer of luxury appliances, and the story isn’t finished yet.

NorthPoint Appliance owner Allen Jones
NorthPoint Appliance owner Allen Jones

Since inception, Allen has continued to establish a brand that delivers a reputation to beat, along with the latest appliances to out fit high-end custom kitchens, break rooms, locker rooms, new construction and more. What he’s done differently since then, is employed an entire team that puts the customer rst by being approachable, extremely knowledgeable and responsive. “Our customers have our cell numbers,” says Allen. “I like to know people, know their stories, talk to people and build those relationships. And that allows us to inform the customer better. We want them to know we’re here anytime to answer questions, troubleshoot and keep them up to date. I think that’s the biggest difference between our team and who you’d find at a big box store. We have specific knowledge on appliances and we’re passionate about sharing it with the consumer, so that they can make the best possible purchase.”

Being able to call NPA and speak to the owner doesn’t hurt that reputation, either. In fact, it’s part of a seamless customer service mission that makes it hard to shop anywhere else. From the first phone call asking questions to the showroom visits, installation and user experience, NPA (maybe even Allen) sees to it personally. And they do it well, because together, the team has nearly a century of experience. That experience is key, because, as Allen says, not all things are equal when it comes to kitchen appliance packages. What brand and style works for one customer, may be superfluous for the next. It depends on a homeowner’s style, their cooking habits, how much they know about cooking and, of course, what kind of investment they want to make. “People come in from all different areas to see us and some of those people have done their research, but others know nothing and that’s when we get to teach them,” Allen says. “Having experienced sales people allows the customer to make a better decision based on what they need.”

The same goes for corporate clients. From the suites and locker rooms at Mercedes Benz Stadium to break rooms in high-rise buildings and high schools, to the new construction of high-end homes that provide Allen’s team a seat at the creative table, it’s a passion fully realized—and one that puts other people in charge of stocking the fridge.

Amy & Allen Jones
Amy & Allen Jones

On Trend
NorthPoint Appliance services customers from intown Atlanta to Lake Oconee to the North Georgia Mountains and though the neighborhoods may look different, the latest in kitchen trends is very much the same. Here are Allen’s favorite ways to fashion kitchens:

Large French Door Refrigeration lets the customer make a big statement in the kitchen.

Steam Ovens and Coffee Systems cater to specific talent and taste for people staying at home more.

Integrated units complement the modern farmhouse trend with cleaner lines and a subtle presence.

Something else that’s the same? No matter what trend you follow, the service you get at NPA never goes out of style.

Details: NorthPoint Appliance,, 4010 Nine McFarland Rd., Alpharetta, 770.754.1390.

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