Timeless Aesthetics Is Helping Patients Feel Their Best Inside and Out

Timeless Aesthetics Is Helping Patients Feel Their Best Inside and Out

The Timeless Aesthetics team in front of a white wall wearing black scrubs

By Melanie Preis

In a time when self-care has become so important to physical, emotional and mental well-being, Timeless Aesthetics of Atlanta is helping patients feel good about themselves, inside and out.

Dr. Michael Moody and Melissa Romero in front of a beige wall and gold and glass shelf
Dr. Michael Moody and Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero founded and opened Timeless Aesthetics in 2016 as a way to help people feel more confident about themselves. She gathered a “phenomenal group of people that genuinely care about others,” sought to provide the latest innovations in technology and medical skincare, and offered amazing treatments to address all levels of physical concerns. “Self-care is so important,” continues Melissa. “It helps self-esteem and just makes you feel good.”

Along with her medical director, Dr. Michael Moody, Melissa offers a med spa that’s focused on effective treatments and services, as well as the relationship between health, nutrition and lifestyle for her clients. Treatments include injectables, like Botox and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies; lasers and light therapies, including the Pico series; various non-invasive facials, including DiamondGlow, which resurfaces skin and BB Glow, involving microneedling; chemical peels; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which rebalances those hormone levels often responsible for symptoms associated with aging; and many more offerings.

“Everyone can benefit from the Vampire Facial®,” says Melissa. This procedure (which gets its name from its blood-splattered appearance) involves microneedling PRP—your own platelet-rich plasma—into the skin, which promotes collagen production, improves overall skin texture, improves scarring, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. “PRP is liquid gold—it stimulates cell turnover, contains high levels of growth factors and can address everything. It’s definitely my favorite treatment because your skin just glows and looks rejuvenated a week later.”

Timeless Aesthetics prides itself on addressing the needs of everyone and their staff has extensive knowledge of ethnic skin types. For example, Melissa says darker skin can require more prepping for treatments like chemical peels because of the higher probability to develop an inflammatory response. By understanding that age, pigmentation and overall health of the skin can impact
results, Melissa and her team work closely with clients to suggest specific treatments based on individualized needs, as well as a plan both before and after service to promote the best outcome.

As many people continue to telecommute to work, Melissa says this has allowed some of her clients to pursue more aggressive treatments. Chemical peels and laser treatments, which may require a few days of downtime due to irritated, red skin, are now a non-issue for at-home employees as they can continue to work virtually.

Woman getting botox injected into her face
Patients can choose from a range of injectables such as Botox and Platet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

Timeless Aesthetics continues to treat existing patients as well as gain new ones with their groundbreaking services. With all these interested clients, the med spa’s future looks bright, as Melissa hopes to open a second Atlanta location in a few months. Over the next five to ten years, she hopes to build multiple locations throughout the Southern region—allowing even more women and men access to the best non-invasive procedures around.

“It doesn’t matter how attractive people perceive you to be,” says Melissa. “If you don’t see that yourself, you won’t respond to that positive energy. I’m very blessed to work with people who help others feel more confident about themselves.”

Quality Medical Supervision

Timeless Aesthetics of Atlanta is lucky to have Dr. Michael Moody as its skilled medical director. Dr. Moody has been practicing in Douglasville, Georgia for more than 20 years. Life Care is his family practice, weight loss center and medical spa, addressing the needs of men, women and children. The people of Douglasville trust Dr. Moody and his staff so implicitly that they have voted him as the best family practice and doctor for many years, as part of the Douglas County Sentinel Readers’ Choice Awards.

Timeless Aesthetics of Atlanta, timelessmedspaatl.com, 600 Peachtree Pkwy., Ste. 104, Cumming, 404.400.6222.

The content of this article is brought to you by Timeless Aesthetics of Atlanta.

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