The Skinny On Slim: EmSculpt and CoolSculpting

The Skinny On Slim: EmSculpt and CoolSculpting

Two women in gray scrubs helping apply emsculpt machine to stomach

A group of women wearing gray scrub smiling at cameraWhen owners Robbie Spence and Renee Smith opened Slim Studio, they had one goal: to be Atlanta’s top provider of non-surgical body sculpting technologies.

In 2015, under the medical supervision of Dr. Alan Larsen, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Buckhead Plastic Surgery, Slim Studio launched first with CoolSculpting, then added EmSculpt to perfect their body contouring offerings. Five years later, they have become the top provider of CoolSculpting in the state and are in the top 1% of CoolSculpting providers nationwide.

Slim Studio has become the “go-to” practice in the southeast for EmSculpt treatments, and now, one of the first body sculpting centers in the country to offer the new, cutting-edge treatment EmSculpt NEO. How do these treatments work? Considered a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring, EmSculpt uses HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy to build, define, and tone muscle while also reducing fat. Enter EmSculpt NEO, a breakthrough technology adding RF (radio frequency) to HIFEM to deliver two therapies in a single treatment. Clinical studies show that EmSculpt NEO reduces more subcutaneous fat and increases muscle volume by 25%. The results: more fat reduction and more muscle growth. That is some pretty impressive medical mixology!

two women in gray scrubs applying butt emsculptCoolSculpting uses Cryolipolysis (cooling therapy) to non-invasively eliminate fat. CoolSculpting has been the gold standard in non-invasive fat reduction, with more than 8 million treatments performed worldwide to date. Individuals may benefit from one or both of these fantastic body contouring technologies. Extensive training and experience, top-notch service, and these special product offerings make Slim Studio the leaders and experts in their field. Offering the newest technology ensures that their clients receive the best cutting-edge body contouring procedures that deliver real results.

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